The CM1 GmbH is constantly looking for new team members to work with us towards creating the smart city of the future. We are an ambitious company with strong partners and customers. 

For everyone who is interested in working for or with us: This is not a boring office job! You can shape the product, you can put your own ideas forward and be an entrepreneur within a company (but you don’t have to). We hate micromanagement as much as you do, so yes, you can work from anywhere as long as you create value. If you want to work in an office you can join the team in their coworking spaces in Munich or Frankfurt.

We don’t care that much about your grades or any badges you may have collected along the way. We are looking for your drive and your creativity. You should want to be part of a great team with a high level of trust among everyone. Since we are such a small company, you get to be a big part of it.

So tell us about your talents and your skills, let us know what you bring to the table via 

We are especially looking for:

– Digital Marketing (Working student or freelance)

– Account management / business development /sales (a bit of everything – we’re a startup, so nothing is as clear-cut) (Full-Time)

– Backend Engineer (C#, AWS) (Full-Time)

– Frontend Engineer (React) (Working student or freelance)

Our application process consists of

– a video call with you (via Teams) and 1-2 of our team members (first impressions, general questions, purpose: you get to know us, and we get to know you!)

– a personal interview (depending on your location that can be a video call, too), consisting of in-depth questions related to your desired position with 1-2 of our team members

– a call with our CEO if she wasn’t involved in any prior interviews

We don’t do take-home coding challenges because we don’t expect you to work for us before you’re actually employed here. But we will do a bit of coding / critical thinking in the second interview.