Positioning Intelligence.

With high-precision positioning data on the digital infrastructure.


We are a tech startup from Munich, Germany and display the infrastructure of our customers digital through hyper-accurate positioning in realtime.

Our range of products and services is aimed at cities and municipalities, construction companies and traffic safety specialists, providers of navigation data and logistics as well as companies from the automotive and mobility industry.

Our products

We help cities and construction companies to digitally map their infrastructure:

The IoT construction site, in which smart construction site lights are used for high-precision position determination, determine data for the transparent display of construction measures and the efficient control and optimization of traffic flows.

CM1 smart construction light

Our smart construction site lights use differential GNSS and transmit high-precision position and movement data in real time to our secure data platform.


Highly accurate positioning

Real-time data visualization

AI-based data analysis

Time and effort saving

CM1 provides high-precision, real-time position data that can be easily combined with other data.


CM1 web application & app

The cloud-based CM1 web application and app enable location-independent management and control of individual construction site lights. 

Save resources and create transparency: Manual processes are digitized and automated.



Wir begleiten Sie von der ersten Beratung, einer Testphase, sowie einer individuellen Einführung in die digitale Infrastruktur.

Sie haben weitere Anwendungsfälle, für welche Sie eine hochpräzise Positionierungstechnologie benötigen? Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne.




Credentials and Partners

Smart cities and construction companies are already using our solutions to optimize processes on their roads.
Stadtwerke Mainz

(…) die schlauste Warnbake der Welt “

(…) die Wunder-Bake für bessere Verkehrskoordination 

– Bild, 2019

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