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Construction site monitoring

With our system, we generate information about the condition of traffic safety devices on construction sites, e.g. the centimeter-precise positioning of guidance beacons. Thus, you can optimize your planning processes and reduce the impact on traffic.


Commercial vehicle tracking

We enable highly accurate location of commercial vehicles and provide an overview to optimize traffic flow within the city. In this way, we reduce the number of traffic jams and increase the safety of your employees. 

Smart City Solutions

Cities are discovering the potential of our intelligent traffic control systems. The information obtained from the site enables traffic to be managed more efficiently. In addition, traffic engineers can take the specific data into account in a targeted manner when planning further construction measures to minimize the impact on traffic flow. We have developed the following software and hardware products for this purpose:

CM1 Beacon

Our intelligent warning light uses highly accurate geospatial technology and transmits precise position and movement data in real time to a secure data platform.


CM1 Web

The CM1 Web enables location-independent management and control of individual warning lights. Manual processes are digitalized and automated. 

CM1 App

The CM1 app provides a simple and mobile overview of the status of the traffic safety system and also serves as a direct interface to the warning light. 


Model Precise

The Model Precise uses technologies from land surveying and transmits highly accurate position and motion data in real time to a secure data platform.     

Precise positioning to the centimeter

Real-time data visualization

AI-based data analysis

Time and effort saving

CM1 provides highly accurate real-time position data to guide traffic in our cities

Credentials and Partners

Smart cities and construction companies are already using our solutions to optimize processes on their roads.

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(…) die Wunder-Bake für bessere Verkehrskoordination 

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