Road Safety Intelligence

Your path towards
an intelligent traffic
control system

Why CM1?

It doesn't matter whether you're a construction company, traffic safety company, Smart City or navigation and mapping service: we develop technologies for the traffic safety of the future.
Our systems generate information about the state of traffic safety on construction sites - e.g. the centimeter-precise positioning of beacons. Thus we provide you with up-to-date information about open or closed roads.
Using our technologies you can generate insights and use them to your advantage.

„(…) the smartest warning beacon in the world“

„(…) the wonder beacon for better traffic coordination (…)“

– Bild, 2019

Probably no other system in the world provides such accurate & up-to-date information

As a construction company or traffic safety contractor, you can monitor all your construction sites with our intuitive software and app.
For cities and public authorities, we transfer the information via an interface to your existing software systems.

Use Case Smart City

Cities discover the potential of our intelligent traffic safety systems. The newly gained information allows traffic to be controlled more efficiently. In addition, traffic engineers can take specific data into account when planning further construction measures in order to minimize the impact on traffic flow.

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