Selected Use Cases

Hamburg - the smartest city in Germany

The city of Hamburg was once again named Germany's smartest city in 2021. This involves projects ranging from construction site coordination to autonomous driving.  The LSBG (Landesbetrieb Strassen, Brücken und Gewässer - State Roads, Bridges and Waterways Authority) works as a service provider for the authorities and agencies and is responsible for the realization and maintenance of structural facilities of the technical infrastructure.

In Hamburg, increasing demand for mobility is faced with limited opportunities for infrastructure expansion. In order to increase traffic efficiency and make better use of the capacities of traffic routes, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is pursuing projects to develop intelligent traffic systems and is setting the course for the digitization of construction sites. By amending the guidelines for road construction work, geo-referencing warning lights will be included in construction tenders as a mandatory requirement in the future.

In the future, the city of Hamburg plans to use the intelligent traffic system to relieve traffic safety and monitoring and to enable remote maintenance of critical traffic areas.

In the project, the city of Hamburg initialized the development of a georeferencable, sensor-based warning light. The goal is to record real-time information, such as the specific location, direction of travel and area of road construction sites.

A presentation of the project can be seen in the following video:

Video Source: Hamburger Senat

Mainzer Stadtwerke AG
& Wirtschaftsbetrieb Mainz

Optimized traffic flow in Mainz

Mainzer Stadtwerke AG and Wirtschaftsbetriebe Mainz locate sewer flushing trucks and transmit this data to navigation systems to improve traffic flow within the city.

A presentation of the project can be seen in the following video:

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