Construction sites of the future

The number of accidents in construction zones on German highways has increased significantly in recent years. In 2019, 22 people lost their lives and almost 2,800 people were injured. In addition, traffic jams on the autobahns increased steadily.

Time to act: CM1 develops smart warning lights that can be part of tomorrow's traffic guidance system today. Contractors, cities and road users all benefit from our solutions.

Real time data acquisition

The exact position of the beacon is recorded in a polynomial and sent to a centralized platform.

Digitization of construction supervision

All data can be viewed digitally across the various authorities, reducing bureaucracy.

Monitoring of traffic safety

Monitor the functionality and condition of site safety systems in real time.

Reduced risk of accidents

Advanced traffic planning reduces congestion and minimizes accident risks at construction sites.

Solutions for construction companies

Digital construction site monitoring

The smart warning lights transmit their exact position at regular intervals, and if the warning light moves, they even continue to do so until the warning light stops again. Optionally, the "View" model also offers the option of a camera that uses machine learning algorithms to detect whether the traffic safety system at the construction site is working properly. All data can be accessed online at any time - saving time and money.


Improved communication with authorities

The recorded data is automatically made available to the respective responsible authority, thus ensuring faster routes and smoother processes when securing the construction site.

Facilitated construction site management

After setting up the warning lights, the software automatically calculates polygons that capture accurate site data and provide a real-time overview on a centralized platform.


Solutions for cities & municipalities

Monitoring of traffic safety

The beacons send data and calculate polygons of the construction site immediately after being set up. The DSGVO-compliant model equipped with a camera can help to automatically record the proper protection of construction sites. This allows real-time monitoring of traffic safety, saving time and resources, in addition to increasing safety on the roads.



Centralized platform

Parameters such as narrowed lane widths, closed lanes, and site dimensions are collected centrally on one platform, greatly simplifying planning and management across multiple agencies. 

Tomorrow's traffic planning

Thanks to automatically collected data, traffic flow can be better planned and, where possible, congestion can be minimized. Corresponding data can facilitate route planning for emergency services and be sent to the navigation systems of civilian road users. This reduces the time it takes for emergency services to reach the scene of the incident, reduces congestion and thus reduces air pollution.


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